Now’s the Time for Change…



Are you moving confidently in the direction of your dreams…in your relationships, career, quality of life and response to life overall?

Are you empowering yourself through life’s changes and transitions?

Are you evolving and flowing with life or resisting the current?

        Or with the 4th Industrial Revolution (AI, robotics, the gig economy, “episodic” careers) driving accelerating changes in your life, is it  increasingly challenging to keep up?  Job changes, leadership challenges, disappointments, grief, divorce, relationship changes, career transitions, difficult bosses or coworkers, toxic work environments, health challenges, relocations, family dynamics…oh my!

Are you not having the influence you know is possible?

Are you stuck with stress, limiting patterns and beliefs?

Are you in need of additional resources, tools for a change?

Are you releasing negative experiences or unintentionally holding on to them?

Are you not living your life on purpose?

Are you unsure how to get from where you are to where you want to be?

Change is something I take very seriously.

I’ve been humbled by it (kicked in the gut actually) beginning with the loss of my father at age 7, a relocation and culture shock moving from New York to Southern California at age 13 with my family and new stepfather, and many other experiences with adversity and change personally and professionally since then (and the details are juicy, but I’ll spare you).

Change has been my life’s work: With organizations, community groups, staff, managers and leaders, and with intentional personal change in relationships, career, and my own inner work and quest to understand our relationship with life, how forces, circumstances evolve and shape us, move us forward towards what we are called to do, express.

At the core of change is learning! Learning new behaviors, using new tools, and reinforcing those behaviors on a consistent basis, which for us adults is tricky business since we already know so much.

Change is inviting you to be, express, discover something BIGGER! About you, your values, strengths and your dreams!

I believe in your resiliency, your capacity to navigate change from a place of empowerment, leadership!

Whether you are leading from within, individually, or leading out there in complex organizations, let me share change management resources and experiential learning tools that make the path easier, less stressful and more purposeful! New tools for a change! 

I am your facilitator, navigator, and coaching partner to help you embrace change as part of becoming more authentically you! I want to work myself out of the job coaching you, so you can do better at coaching you. I want you living more on purpose, with more passion, more power, and more clarity of intention to build the life of your dreams–in your career, relationships, in your relationship with yourself–not just dealing and reacting to circumstances beyond your control.

Now is the time to live and change your life on purpose! New tools, ways of thinking, feeling and behaving are within reach, and I’m here when you’re ready. Coaching with me is different.

Dr. Melanie