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Coaching is about focusing, clarifying and learning new ways of feeling, thinking, being and doing to accelerate moving you forward to your future on purpose–grounded in your values, talents/passions and vision for your life. Through clear steps and experiential learning to navigate from where you are currently to where you would like to be in your life in the future, coaching surfaces clarity, honors intuition, and renews courage and confidence, turning gut feelings or yearnings into dreams, turning dreams into goals, goals into actions, and actions into results.

The power behind coaching is you. You bring the agenda and identify what is important to you. Having a coach forwards your thinking on how to best achieve your dreams, and provides a process and a framework to help you identify goals, dreams, help you think creatively and overcome barriers. You get to go where you want to be in life with less time, energy, pain and with fewer resources than you would if you were continuing to do what you have always done, left to your own devices with already established behavior and thinking patterns.

Through coaching you can:

  • Know where you are stuck and how to get out of your own way
  • Deal more effectively with uncertainty and transitions
  • Learn to more deeply honor your intuition
  • Own your strength and skills to define your personal or professional dreams
  • Develop and achieve personal goals
  • Strengthen skills related to decision-making, prioritizing, problem-solving and organization
  • Learn methods for effectively managing stress and better self care
  • Gain insights that improve your relationships with others
  • Apply techniques for staying healthy and balanced in your life
  • Increase self-awareness, including the discovery of your strengths and talents
  • Identify and protect your top needs and values

Your role as the Coaching Client:

  • You are fully present, and show up physically and/or energetically to sessions
  • You supply the agenda (desired takeaway) for each session
  • You are responsible for your own feelings, decisions, actions and success
  • You tell the truth as you understand it
  • You do your own work

Coaching is a relationship of choice with a highly skilled non-judgmental, objective professional who works with you as a partner, facilitator, educator, accountability advisor, and cheerleader (where you are not able to be that for yourself, yet). There are “niche” coaches out there (e.g. life coach, executive coach, change coach, leadership coach, relationship coach, business coach, corporate coach, career coach, parenting coach) in that they meet a specific need to serve, but coaching is coaching, and at its core is change and transition from where you are today to where you envision your life for tomorrow.

How is counseling different than coaching?

Counseling concentrates on healing the past; coaching focuses on today and your future, developing your skills based on your strengths and experience, where you are now and where you want to be.

Coaching avoids advice giving and instead encourages you to develop or reinforce constructive belief systems, skills, behaviors and habits that support positive change across a number of areas of your life.

Coaching with Dr. Melanie is different.

Yes, coaching is different! Coaching with me has to meet my high standards for results and client satisfaction (and be priced reasonably so it is accessible).

Best of All–It’s a Low Risk Opportunity to Change Your Life  (Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee).

I work with self-aware, motivated people interested in applying new tools for changing and living in alignment with their purpose, talents/strengths, joy and values.

Whether it’s:

  • Life/Relationship Changes
  • Career Changes
  • Your Response to Changes, Change Resiliency

Change can bring out the best in you!

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