Change Resiliency Coaching, Individuals

As your Change Coach, I will help you to:

  • Move through Anxiety, Fear, and Uncertainty with Confidence, Peace, Clarity and Greater Resiliency
  • Identify What You Want and Don’t Want
  • Understand the Meaning of Dynamic Relationships, Events, Dreams
  • Understand Your Change Journey and the Inner and Outer Transitions Involved
  • Identify Your Life Purpose, Values, and How to Live in Alignment  to Restore Joy, Ease, and Passion for Living
  • How to Test Your Options with Guidance from Your Higher Self/Intuition and More
  • How to Attract Solutions and Listen to Guidance and Signs
  • Apply New Tools and Practices for Navigating Change (Your Own Change Management Toolkit)

Drawing on best practices and adapting, proven, practical tools for learning and change across coaching, process-oriented psychology, applied shamanism, laws of attraction/new thought, cognitive behavioral therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, learning theory, as well as transpersonal psychology, my approach is targeted, efficient, practical, cathartic, and effective.  Guaranteed.

What you can expect:

  • Gain new insights for changing according to your needs
  • Engage in experiential, practical learning activities drawing on best practices that suit you and your needs
  • Apply new tools to understand your thoughts, feelings and behaviors to help move you forward
  • Focus on the present and future, and leave the analysis of your own past and patterns up to you for your own new insights
  • Leave the labels, judgment, resistance behind and focus on challenging and empowering yourself to change (yet on your terms)
  • Experience a no-risk opportunity to change your life (learn more about money-back satisfaction guarantee under questions)

There are tools, feeling, thinking, behaving techniques and learning activities that strengthen your ability to navigate change without so much suffering and resistance. 

Yes! Send me 7 Tools/Tips for Changing and Living on Purpose!

A sampling of experiential learning and coaching activities designed to strengthen your response to change, and customized to your individual needs, includes:

  • Aligning with Your Life’s Purpose
  • Attracting Solutions
  • Clarifying Core Values
  • Inviting New Insights about Your Problems, Concerns, Change
  • Life Timeline, Memorable Dreams, Beliefs and Feelings–What’s Your Story?
  • Priority Life Change Areas
  • Transforming Obstacles
  • Testing Your Options
  • Ways to Increase Your Intuition
  • Worst & Best Case Scenarios