Career Coaching

As your Career Coach, I will help you to:

  • Assess Your Strengths (passions, interests)
  • Consider Your Educational Credentials Fit to Goals and Additional Suitable Options, if any
  • Understand Your Personality Preferences and Career Fit
  • Identify Career Options
  • Identify Target Employers and Utilize Search Tools
  • Clarify with a Goal Setting/Action Planning Session
  • Resume Refresh or Rebuild
  • Continue Your Progress with Check Ins and Motivating Support
  • Prepare for Interviews of Different Types
  • Identify Key Questions for Interview Practice
  • Navigate Transitions


Drawing on tools used in Career Development, from the Department of Labor, and from years of experience in Human Resources, and navigating career transitions myself (post-intentional career change for better alignment with my personal values, post-health challenge/several-year-long healed disability, post-degree completion as a non-traditional student, post-PhD in the Great Recession), my approach is targeted, efficient, practical, cathartic, and effective. Guaranteed.

What you can expect:

  • Gain new insights for career choices according to your strengths, values, preferences and personality
  • Clarify your life’s purpose and passions, what you are in the business of doing with your strengths, gifts, and talents
  • Engage in experiential, practical learning activities drawing on best practices that suit you and your needs for career development and/or change
  • Apply new tools and clarify next steps to move you forward
  • Experience a no-risk opportunity to change your career on purpose (learn more about money-back satisfaction guarantee under questions)

There are tools, answers, and learning activities that strengthen your focus and ability to navigate career change and career challenges without so much suffering and uncertainty.