Life/Relationship Coaching

As your Life/Relationship Coach, I will help you to:

  • Re-Gain Trust with Your Inner Voice and Wisdom
  • Identify Qualities of Your Ideal Partner and/or Appreciate Qualities of Your Current Partner
  • Clarify Your Values And The Type of Relationship Experience Desired and/or with Your Current Partner
  • Prepare Yourself For The Kind of Relationship(s) You Desire
  • Identify What’s Your Work To Do Alone, Separately from the Relationship
  • Attraction and Search Strategies To Actively Find Your Ideal Life Partner
  • With Your Current Partner, Clarify Relationship Needs for This Life Stage
  • Strengthen Communication, Needs Clarification, and Healthy Boundaries
  • Explore Relationship Terms, Pre-Commitment (Pre-Marital) Issues of Importance With Your Partner
  • Navigate Transitions, Difficult Decisions Individually or as a Couple

Drawing on practical tools, from personality assessments to conflict styles to coping styles to lifestyle and values preferences, and from years of experience in discerning relationship compatibility (attract-assess-experience-accept/reject-repeat) to my current long-term relationship (now almost 16 years), my approach is targeted, efficient, practical, cathartic, and effective. Guaranteed.

What you can expect:

  • Gain new insights for relationship choices according to your strengths, values, preferences and personality
  • Clarify your compatibility preferences
  • Identify best sources for finding a suitable relationship match
  • Establish practices and habits of mind to attract what you are looking for
  • Develop the love relationship with yourself first and how to attract from that place of power first
  • Learn tools and techniques for training your partner how to treat you
  • Recognize your own relationship patterns and how to avoid them going forward
  • Experience a no-risk opportunity to change your relationship(s) on purpose (learn more about money-back satisfaction guarantee under questions)

There are tools, answers, and learning activities that strengthen your focus and ability to make relationship choices, adjustments, and changes without so much suffering and uncertainty.