Experience It Yourself: Group Coaching

Experience your insights, learning and experiential shifts in a whole new context: With the mirror and catalyst of a safe, respectful and supportive group process, where you are witnessing others’ change journeys along with experiencing your own, facilitated skillfully by Dr. Melanie.

Based on your needs assessment, intake, and initial interview with Dr. Melanie to ensure that a group coaching program is the right fit for you,  select from two Group Coaching programs open now for January 2017 start dates (more below).

This is a more structured program designed to facilitate learning and discovery for Changing on Purpose with individuals who share similar needs for:

Change Resiliency

☐Move through Anxiety, Fear, and Uncertainty with Confidence and Clarity

☐Identify What You Really Want and Don’t Want

☐Understand Your Change Journey and the Inner and Outer Transitions Involved

☐Identify Your Life Purpose, Values, and How to Live in Alignment  to Restore Joy, Ease, and Passion for Living

☐How to Test Your Options with Guidance from Your Higher Self/Intuition and More

☐How to Attract Solutions and Listen to Guidance and Signs

Career Change

☐Assess Your Strengths (strengths, interests, aptitudes, skills assessments)

☐Consider Your Educational Credentials Fit to Goals and Additional Suitable Options, if any

☐Understand Your Personality Preferences and Career Fit

☐Identify Career Options

☐Identify Target Employers and Utilize Search Tools

☐Clarify with a Goal Setting/Action Planning Session

☐Resume Refresh or Rebuild

☐Continue Your Progress with Check Ins and Motivating Support

☐Prepare for Interviews of Different Types

☐Identify Key Questions for Interview Practice

☐Navigate Transitions

Group Coaching:

  • $350 for 6-week program with one 1:1 coaching session

Two virtual groups forming (early 2017):

Change Resiliency Group Coaching

Sundays from 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm (Starts January 9th – Feb. 13th)

Mondays from 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm (Starts January 10th – Feb. 14th) 


Reserve a slot on the appointment calendar for either start date in January (scroll through to the start date):

OR buy tickets here:

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