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Is change bringing out the best in you? Changing from the inside out involves learning, being, applying new tools and knowing, not just doing.

This is a six-session life-changing group coaching program developed by Life/Career/Change Coach and Facilitator, Dr. Melanie Chase, PhD, drawing on her years of experience with personal, spiritual, career, behavior change and change management in organizations, with groups and individuals.

In a safe, respectful, facilitated group setting, together we engage in experiential, practical learning activities. You are investing in an essential change management toolkit for navigating changes across your lifespan. These draw on best practices from behavior change and performance excellence across coaching, learning theory, and psychotherapy, and the law of attraction, and neuroscience principles.

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In this group, you will:

  • Gain new insights for changing on purpose.
  • Engage in experiential, practical learning activities drawing on best practices.
  • Apply new tools to shift your experience, help move you from where you are currently in your life to where you want to be.
  • Learn timeless tools for navigating change across your lifespan.
  • Have a no-risk opportunity for changing on purpose (money-back satisfaction guarantee, yes, it’s that powerful!).
  •  Topics Covered include how to:
  • Move through Anxiety, Fear, and Uncertainty with Confidence and Clarity
  • Identify What You Really Want, and Don’t Want
  • Understand Your Change Journey and the Inner and Outer Transitions Involved
  • Identify Your Life Purpose and Values
  • Learn to Live in Alignment to Restore Self-Trust, Joy, Ease, and Passion for Living
  • Test Your Options with Guidance from Your Higher Self/Intuition and More
  • Attract Solutions and Listen to Guidance and Signs.

Sample 6-Week Program

(actual program will vary depending on needs of the group based on needs assessments)

Week One:

  • Identify what is being invited to change
  • Identify where you are in your change process
  • Own and interact with the emotions that are surfacing, unpack them

Week Two:

  • Practice being with what is, emotions that are surfacing
  • Tools for interacting with what is differently
  • Identify key questions for your life in your transition

Week Three:

  • Clarify wants and don’t wants
  • Vision for your life at this stage
  • Energizing story telling about your vision

Week Four:

  • Embrace your strengths/talents, passions, values
  • Clarify and claim your life purpose
  • More tools for vivifying the feelings of your vision
  • Strengthening self-trust

Week Five

  • Identify the daily practices for you that ground you during transitions and strengthen your path forward
  • Focus on your vision and the feeling of it
  • Practice holding your vision in the face of difficult emotions and situations

Week Six

  • Identify and test options
  • Explore ways of knowing, guidance for you
  • Discuss signs and roadblocks, surrender and renewal

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