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“Everything in the universe is within you. Ask all from yourself.” – Rumi

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Life has been somewhat rocky at its start yet an incredible adventure… in learning, faith, leadership, and empowerment. From sorrows such as personal health challenges, family trauma, grief,  divorce, to joys with relationships, adventure, career change, rich spiritual experiences, and points in between with the politics of academic committees, culture shock, relocation, and more…Change is my life’s work and something I take very seriously (and yet sometimes just requires a deep belly laugh for perspective and for coping).

I bring presence, mindfulness, and many tools and techniques  to support my smart, motivated, determined clients. My approach is facilitative, affirming, positively constructive and practical, honoring the inherent worth, strengths and creativity of every human being, across spiritual, physical and intellectual dimensions. As such, the process with each client is customized to their unique strengths and preferences.

I draw on professional training as a certified coach from the Coach Training Alliance (an ICF approved program), continuing professional education from the Process Work Institute (Process-Oriented Psychology), my insatiable quest for learning and its practical application, a Ph.D. in education from Colorado State University, with graduate coursework across disciplines including sociology, social work, religious/spiritual studies, and communications.  I also bring over 15 years of experience as a professional facilitator, educator/trainer and change consultant, navigating change and transition with individuals, groups, organizations and communities. I have coached individuals and business leaders using one-on-one coaching methods, group coaching and facilitation.

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