“I feel like I’m taking stock on many levels. The coolest part of having you as a coach is noticing what’s working and letting go of things I’m super attached to that are not.” Rachel F.

“I can’t believe how much I have changed in 4 months. As I review my intake and needs assessment, I realize that I’m not that person anymore. I’m not under that much stress and experiencing that much anxiety and conflict. Thanks to my work with Dr. Melanie, I’m manifesting new possibilities for my career, I am clearer about next steps, more relaxed, more hopeful, more powerful.”  Josie R.

“Melanie is direct, kind, authentic, intelligent and witty. She used stories, affirmations, meditations, and exercises to get me to see the other side of an issue which helped me raise awareness in what I was working on in our coaching session. ” Julia O.

“Following a divorce and cross-country relocation, Dr. Chase really helped me to gain clarity and focus about a career path. She encouraged me to consider what I knew about myself, my strengths, passions, skills and experience to really narrow down a field. She also helped me to rewrite my resume for my audience. I am very glad that I had the opportunity to work with Dr. Chase. She is professional and has valuable insight and experience.” Marina K.

“I cannot believe how strong I feel after only one session.” Devon S.

“I am so clear and appreciated the interview practice, especially the focus on potential questions and soliciting feedback for overcoming any concerns or objections. I am ready!” Sandi K.

“I greatly appreciated her kind approach, active listening and consistent desire to understand my concerns during a really tough time in my life. She was solution-oriented, always positive and encouraging.  Despite not ever being in the same room, I felt she was more helpful than other counselors I met in person. Very empathetic.” Tom L.

 “I feel so much more clarity about the power of my intentions, and my next steps.” Bevin S.

“I feel pumped, and very encouraged moving forward. Thank you.” Tom S.

“Melanie reminded me of my own intuition and knowing. Coaching sessions with her were dynamic, insightful and just the right amount of challenge to keep me back on track. I highly recommend her, and found her dream interpretation insights particularly helpful” Susan P.