Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

How are the sessions structured?

Each session explores a topic and generates a working plan for you to implement over the coming week(s). When required, tools and experiential learning exercises are used between sessions to help gain clarity, get you ‘unstuck’ and to help build the skills and behaviors you need to achieve your desired outcomes and support your progress.

One-on-one sessions are conducted via phone and/or Skype for sharing visuals/experiential learning activities, lasting between 50 – 70 minutes; groups according to published times. (I and other respected colleagues have found that there is a higher degree of authenticity and less pretense on the phone).

The quantity of sessions is based on your needs, and what you’d like to achieve and by when. Sessions are spaced at 1-, 2-, or 3-week intervals.

What kinds of results could I expect to get?

In each and every session I will be asking you what you want to leave with and I’ll make sure you get it. I’m quite candid, so on our first call, even before coaching has begun, we’ll discuss the results you’re looking for and I’ll explain what will be required to get there. Coaching is an incredibly effective and flexible tool, so if you’re committed to putting in the effort and time required, then the results you’re looking for will be attainable.

Keep in mind that you would benefit from just one session, but clients experience practical results with at a minimum 3 sessions and more depending on their needs assessment and what areas and types of life / career/ change they are navigating.  The needs assessment is a guide in determining what is best for you.

How can you rate or review Dr. Melanie Chase as a coach?

Hire me, and after a reasonable number of sessions, I will send you an assessment/review/feedback form on how I am working for you, where I might adjust, etc.

How much does it cost?

The investment you make will depend on the number of sessions you require to affect the changes you want. Every change situation is different, so individual sessions and packages are tailored to suit a range of needs.

The cost will be discussed in one of our very first phone calls once I’ve learned about your unique situation and needs (from your intake and self-assessment), and you can decide from there, no pressure.  Please do ask about my sliding scale (from $80 to $130 per session; insurance not accepted), as I want to ensure that coaching with me is accessible to everyone who chooses to benefit from it.

How can I pay?

Sessions are payable via PayPal invoice in advance, and can be canceled and rescheduled at no penalty within a reasonable time period (unless it becomes a pattern). In-person sessions are payable via cash or credit card.

What’s the money-back satisfaction guarantee?

Should you be dissatisfied with your session, I would issue a refund with your detailed feedback/explanation for my learning, but I have never had to do that.

If you have questions or comments, please use the contact form below or contact me by phone at 503-327-8112. Telephone hours are Monday through Friday 10 am to 6 pm Pacific Time.

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